Friday, December 17, 2010

What's Your New Years Resolution?

Let Me first start this off with a great quote from Mr. Abraham Lincoln which he states, "Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other." See with the holidays coming up shortly so many people are getting ready to start their New Year's Resolution. Whether it be to lose weight, save money, workout, whatever the case may be. There are tons of people that are dying for a change both physically & financially. Which brings me to a word that I'm both proud of and grateful for and that word is Visalus & The Body By Vi Challenge. You out there maybe saying what's that Jeff? Well lets break that word Visalus down. "ViSalus" comes from the Latin "Vi," meaning Life, and "Salus," which means Health and Prosperity.

Many know of the great success I've had on the gridiron and the great teams I've led and just blessed to be apart of especially with the great men I've had the opportunity to work with during my career. I felt all that I've learned and accomplished throughout those years of being a captain on a conference champion team, being an all-state linebacker in high school, dealing with major injuries and coming back with full force, was preparing me for something what I like to call GREAT. Something that not only has had a positive impact on my family, my team, and myself but also YOU reading this. Seeing that you've taken the time out of your day to read my blog you get some goodies that I love to share. :-)

Lets say your somebody that is getting ready to get their New years Resolution under way and your a person who fits somewhere in these categories:
1. Lose Weight/ Get Fit
2. Win Prizes
3. Save Money
4. Get FREE Product
5. Sharing/Promoting
6. Make Money

Now if any of those are part of your New Year's Plan, I'm personally putting it in ink that my team and I are willing to help YOU succeed in any of those categories. I'll share something with you that I live by and took me a while to truly stand behind it and that is to do more for others than you do for yourself. When I know my team or I have personally impacted somebody's Life, Health, & Prosperity it absolutely makes my day! I'll leave you with one last question... Why not that person be you! :-)

To Your Success...
Jeff Edwards CEO/Co-Founder Of Team M.A.D.E.
"A Dream Without Action Is Simply A Nightmare"

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