Sunday, January 16, 2011

Will Smith - Law of Attraction

What decisions in life are you currently making? I most certainly had to share this video with everyone. Keyword INSPIRING!!!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Jeff, What Is Network Marketing?

Still today many people are asking, what is "network marketing" and are people really succeeding at this? Little do most know it's actually a natural behavior that everyone does!

Network marketing isn't anything but sharing information, helping people make a better decision, and leading them to an improved quality of life. I've personally been around network marketing for quite sometime now and their hasn't been one leader in our field that doesn't agree with that statement!

I have a challenge for you. Ask yourself if you've ever said things like this:

"She's the best. I never go to anyone else."
"Ever since I started, I have more energy. Try it yourself."
"I switched because I get more value. Go ahead and do it."

If you say that isn't network marketing, you maybe are just unaware of the millions of people that are getting "paid" to share information with their friends, family, etc. As you may have noticed I put quotations around paid for a reason and that is because if you ever choose to join the ranks of professional network marketers you too will get paid. Whether you choose to work part-time (which most network marketers do) or either go full-time, the pay varies on the work you put into your business. You see, just like any other great business it requires work, sacrifice, and determination. I know plenty of people, even myself a long time ago, who think that our profession is a scam, a pyramid scheme, get rich quick, or any other negative term, which has tarnished many minds. But as you start to take a deep look into network marketing, I promise you, you'll see otherwise:-)

Well Jeff, Can Anybody Do It?

Great question. Actually the network marketing profession welcomes everyone who wants to become a member, regardless of race, gender, education, social or economic status. If you truly care for your human race and have something you feel confident and strong about, then I strongly suggest you take a look into network marketing and pick a great company to promote.

I'll leave some information down below so you can see what my team and I are up to. :-) Regardless of your situation you too can succeed at this as well as we have. If you think about it, your already doing it everyday - you just need somebody to show you some key details!

I'll leave you with this until my next post which I strongly agree with. The great network marketer, Tom"Big Al" Schreiter, stated,"We're all practicing network marketing everyday. It's nothing more than recommending and promoting the things we value. Whether you choose to get paid for doing it, or you do it for free, the world is a better place because of network marketing."

To Your Success,
Jeff Edwards CEO/Co-Founder Of Team M.A.D.E.
"A Dream Without Action Is Simply A Nightmare"